How Mobile Casino Apps Have Changed Online Gambling In Malaysia

When online gambling first became a ‘thing’ in Malaysia, it was something that excited most but could only be enjoyed by a few. Home internet was not easily afforded by most and even those that could, would have to then also cover the costs of a home computer or laptop to be able to take advantage of it.
These days, however, internet and mobile technology have advanced to such a stage where people do not even need home internet or even a home computer to play at the online casinos should they choose to. Data plans are now cheaply available from mobile service providers and most cellphones sold today are smartphones that allow you to connect to the internet.
In fact, many mobile casino apps have since been produced to take advantage of this new accessibility and it has opened the doors for millions upon millions of people in Malaysia and across the world to be able to enjoy some good quality online gambling. Whether they use iOS or Android, they are now able to enjoy online gambling in much the same way as Windows desktop players have for many years before them.
Mobile casino apps have actually transformed online gambling across the country by bringing a number of benefits that online gamblers did not have before. So let’s take a look at just how mobile casino apps have changed online gambling in Malaysia.

No Need for a Computer

Mobile casino apps are specifically for tablets, smartphones, Netbooks and other mobile devices. These run operating systems such as Android and iOS and while they could theoretically play at online casinos through their browser, apps provide a much better connection, are downloaded just once and offer a much more convenient way of playing.
No longer do players have to rely on owning a computer to be able to enjoy some online gambling, as they can now just use a mobile device instead. Most of us need a cellphone and seeing as most are now considered smartphones, we essentially get a two for one deal by being able to have a phone and a mobile computer at the same time. We only need to buy one device rather than have to buy a cellphone and then also a computer.

Can Play Anywhere and at Any Time

So what is the main benefit of mobile technology? A hint can be found in the question itself ‘mobile’. Mobile technology is just that, a technology that is mobile and can be used anywhere when you are out and about. You do not have to be at home to connect to the internet and can do so from your office, from a bus, from a waiting room and essentially anywhere that you have a signal.
You can just imagine the possibilities that now open up with regards to gambling in Malaysia. Anytime you get a spare few minutes when you are away from home, you can go to your mobile casino app of choice and enjoy a bit of gambling. You are not just stuck with only being able to have a few spins when at home. You could call it internet freedom rather than being restricted to playing within the same four walls.

What Platforms Can Gamble Online?

With regards to mobile technology, you can gamble online in Malaysia across all three of the major players. This means Windows 8/10 players, Android players and iOS players will be able to download mobile casino apps onto their devices. Android and iOS are obviously the most common and the easiest to develop apps for at the moment, so these two will have a wider range of choice but Windows 10 does have a number of mobile casino apps that can be enjoyed.
No matter which platform you are on, you can just go to your play store and you will no doubt be presented with a number of selections to choose from. Be sure to do your research though, as not all online mobile casino apps are the same as some will have far better reputations than others. Some will also have a far better selection of games than others, have better bonuses and promotions and will generally just offer a better all around gambling experience.

Optimised for Many Devices

Where mobile-optimisation becomes difficult is that there are so many different mobile devices that use the above platforms. They have so many different specifications starting with the size of the screens, to the power of the processor, to the amount of memory and the current version of the whichever operating system that they use.
With so many different devices, it can be a challenge to produce an app that is compatible with all of them. However, in the main, most mobile casino apps will work with just about any smartphone or tablet, simply due to online casinos generally not needing too much to power them.
Apps that are coded well, are also very good at adapting themselves to whichever screen they are being used on, no matter the size. So whether you use a small smartphone will a screen of just a few inches or a large tablet screen, your online casino app will hopefully have been optimised to function correctly upon it.


So as you can see, mobile casino apps and online gambling in Malaysia has come a very long way over the years to what it is today. There are so many benefits to mobile gambling too, which is mainly to do with the accessibility, ease of use and the convenience of being able to enjoy your online gambling no matter where you are or what time of day it might be.
The range of games available is at an all-time high as well, so you are certainly covered no matter which type you prefer. Even if you do not like slots too much you have the option of playing live dealer games or even just playing some simple table games such as Sic Bo or Roulette.

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